Artist News and Events is a list of news about art and events that occur about art.  There are 2 menu items:

the first is Metro DC news and events.  This lists the news for the local area and events in the local area.  The events are listed first by the end date of the event.  These will be added and deleted when the event is over.  The news items will remain as long as they are relevant and will be remove after one year.

The second is National and International news and events.  These items will be managed as the local events.

The third is Self help items.  These items include all items that can be of assistance to our artists including classes, tutorials, help with the business of art, etc. The classes and seminars will be listed at the top and will be added and deleted as the dates expire.

If you have any suggestion on how to make this experience better for you do not hesitate to add your perspective.  We at BADC welcome your valued input.

Metro DC News and Events

National News and Events

Self Help