The Beginning

Black Artists of DC (BADC) began in 1999 when three artists: Viola Leak, PLANTA and Aziza Claudia Gibson-Hunter decided to address the lack of communication and support between local Black artists. BADC has grown since then to include members, associates and supporters from every discipline; who at one time lived, were educated, or worked in the Washington DC metropolitan area. The group meets monthly to critique new works and to discuss and address issues that impact the artistic community in DC. Support is given to established and emerging artists with a great emphasis on art education in the public schools and mentoring young artists. BADC is composed of artists, arts administrators, educators, dealers, collectors, museum directors, curators, gallery owners and arts enthusiasts. BADC, has grown nationally and internationally, including artists from other US cites and from Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. They all lend their artistic skills and insight to the cause of supporting and enlivening the arts in DC. They also act as resources for other artists by encouraging them to explore new techniques and to improve their professional approach to art. BADC compliments the diversity of a cosmopolitan nation’s capitol.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Black Artists of DC is to educate and enrich the local, regional and global community to the cultural heritage and contemporary practices of artists of African descent. This is achieved by sponsoring public exhibitions, educational programs and community events that increase the awareness and documents of the various forms of visual expression.

Goals and Objectives

The purpose of Black Artists of DC is to create a Black artists’ community to promote, develop and validate the culture, artistic expressions and aspirations of past and present artists of Black-Afrikan ancestry in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. BADC will accomplish this by governing and organizing ourselves to:

  • Meet on a scheduled basis
  • Learn and teach the disciplines of artistic expression
  • Share resources
  • Produce, exhibit, document, validate, continue and conserve our artistic legacy
  • Promote collaborative and collective expressions
  • Create a cooperative trans-generational training ground for artists
  • Support each other’s activities and accomplishments
  • Create an advocacy for Black artists through community and political activity
  • Connect with the creative energy of our creator/ancestors for the development of our work, our people and the extended world community
  • Support activities that are in the best interest of the group and the individuals within the group
  • Identify with Afrikan world development
  • Create and support a market for the art created by people of Afrikan descent

Why your membership in Black Artist of DC is important,  what is in it for you?

Studio Visits
Business Meetings (a chance for your input)
Group Exhibitions
Summer Bridge Training Program
Archiving your achievements
Attend lectures with world class artists
Posting on the BADC Blog

Weekly listings of:
Artists’ opportunities
Calls for exhibitions
National and international articles on the arts
Invitation to artist’s events
Subscription to Jembe (the annual list of accomplishments)
The opportunity to work with fellow artists who know and understand your struggle
An international community of Supportive artists
The opportunity to gain hands-on experience in art management, public relations, advertising/ web and print, and more.