BADC Prospectus REACH: The BADC 2nd Annual Original Art Postcard Fundraiser

Produced by: Black Artists of DC (BADC)


Location:        DC Arts Studios, 6925 Willow St NW, Second Floor Washington, DC 20012

Curator:         BADC Curatorial Staff

Submit Post Card with:

Front of Card MAIL ART: 5” x 7” original art postcard (Only the Image on front)

Reverse of Card/Right  

The BADC 2nd Annual Original Art Postcard Fundraiser, C/O Gibson-Hunter Studio, 4221 Argyle Terrace NW, Washington DC, 20011

Reverse of Card/Left  Title of work, Media, Date of completed work, and Signature of artist,and Artist’s email address/website (see blow)


Dates of Exhibit: November 30 – December 1, 2019, 12 noon-5:00

Unsold original mail art will become the property of Black Artists of DC and will be posted online for sale.

Submission Deadline: Postmark November 26th 5:00pm                       

Exhibit Theme: REACH

verb: reach; stretch out an arm in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something.

  • make a movement with one’s hand or arm in an attempt to touch or grasp (something).
  • stretch out one’s hand or arm.” o hand (something) to (someone).
  • be able to touch something with an outstretched arm or leg, seek to establish communication    with someone, with the aim of offering or obtaining assistance or cooperation arrive at; 
  • attain or extend to (a specified point, level, or condition).
  • succeed in achieving. o succeed in influencing or having an effect on.
  • make contact or communicate with (someone) by telephone or other means

This is a time to REACH. We are not to be passive in our living as the chaos swirls around us. While in this storm, we have the capacity to REACH, to stretch ourselves, our minds, our bodies and spirits…to push ourselves into being all that we have to offer. We are tremendous, each and every one of us… amazing energies we are. We can use it to develop community, expand our minds, strengthen family, gain and share wisdom, build, create, create, create. To do these things we can go beyond the now…we can REACH for the next level of who we can be, and so, ever so my minutely, extend, stretch, expand the universe.

Notification of Artists: Artists will be notified that work has been received via email.

Postcards may be placed in an envelope and mailed, or hand delivered to:

BADC 2nd Annual Original Art Postcard Fundraiser, C/O GIBSON-HUNTER STUDIO, 4221 ARGYLE TERRACE NW, WASHINGTON DC 20011

Distribution of Invitations:  Invitations will be sent to BADC mailing lists. The bulk of invitations will be via electronic media.

Exhibition Venue:     DC Arts Studios, 6925 Willow St NW, Second Floor, Washington, DC 20012

Eligibility: Open to all artists over 18 years of age.

Submission Guidelines: This is a fundraiser. We will accept as many original art postcards as you are willing to donate.

Size 5” x 7”

Media: All

No returns, all mail art will be exhibited. Racist, violent and pornographic artworks will not be exhibited.

Payment: All cards will be sold for $35.00. All funds from sold original mail art will be donated to: Black Artists of DC (BADC), a 501C3 non-profit organization.

No entry fee!

SUBMISSION: 5” x 7” postcards, ONLY


This is a fundraiser for Black Artists of DC. Funds will be used for exhibitions, hiring of curators, printing catalogs, administrative expenses, office supplies, and the needs of the organization to support the artists.

After the fundraising, all unsold works will be offered for sale online. Black artists of DC (BADC) is a non-profit organization. We will post our earnings at the end of the fundraiser.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: The artist is responsible for all costs of postage.

Deadline to submit art: Postmark November 26th 5:00pm

Install: November 29th, 2019, 12 noon-7:00

Date of Exhibition: November 30 – December 1, 2019, 12 noon-5:00

Opening Reception: November 30, 2019, 12 noon-5:00

Closing: De-Install: Dec 2, 2019, 12 noon-5:00

*We reserve the right to use submitted images and information for inclusion in promotional materials to publicize the exhibition.

Submission Form/Image Identification List

Artist and Contact Info

Name: __________________________________________________________________


Email Address: ____________________________________________________________

Phone: (Day) _______________________ Phone: (Evening)_______________________


# (ex: 01. Brooking, Daniel, Untitled, Acrylic and oil painting, postcard 5″x7″, 2019)











Artist’s signature_________________________________________________ Date_________