BADC had its first Post Card Fund Raiser the first of December and it was a great success. Many of you braved the weather to attend and purchase many of the spectacular cards submitted by artists from all over the country.  We want to thank those artists for their energy and creativeness; we also want to thank the Patrons who purchased the cards.

We sold more cards than we anticipated, however we receive a whole lot more cards than we expected.  Because of this and the weather we have some cards remaining.  We are now offering these cards on line for sale.  Reminder: each card is original art by some of the finest artists in the country and some up and coming artists. Each Card is 5” x 7” and is signed on the reverse by the artist.

Instructions for Purchase:

Review the cards, you can click on the image and it will give you a larger image.  When you finished viewing the enlarged image, click on the arrow at the top left to go back to this page.  If you wish to purchase the card click on the PayPal button to the right of the card you want,you will then be redirected to the PayPal page for payment.  If you wish to purchase more cards just click on the “Continue Shopping” line at the top right of the page and it will take back to this page. Do not forget to add the shipping this button is at the top of the page and shipping is $3.50 for up to five cards.  If you have over five cards you must add another shipping charge only five card will fit in each envelope.  Please remember to add your shipping address.


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140 Red Manes
– Digital Art Print

141 Sit it Out or Dance, Dance
– Digital Art Print

138 Just For Fun
– Autostereogram Digital Art Print

139 Christ Head
– Digital Art Print

136 Bahai Gardens 
– Digital Art Print

137 Cruising the Neighborhood
– Digital Art Print

134 Pueblo – Digital Art Print

135 Corridors – 
Digital Art Print

131 Too Many Forks In The Salad – Original Photographic Print

133 Infinity Doorways – Digital Art Print

129 Raising Caine – Original Photographic Print

130 Community of Thought – 
Original Photographic Print

127 Face – Ink on Paper

128 Cityscape – Ink on Paper

125 What’s Nextz 5 – Color Pencil & Ink on Paper

126 What’s Nextz 6 – Color Pencil & Ink on Paper

122 What’s Nextz 2 – Water Color & Ink on Paper

124 What’s Nextz 4 – Water color & Ink on Paper

120 Egypt – Digital Art Print

121 Whats Nextz 1 – Water Color & Ink on paper

118 Nature – Original Photographic Print

119 Red Dotz – Digital Art Print

115 Imagine 5 I AM – Collage

117 My Back Yard – Digital Art Print

113 Fertility Doll II – Acrylic & Ink


114 Imagine 3 Heart to Heart – Collage

110 Blue River – Collage

111 Imagine Lot 2 Alan Baby – Collage

108 The Respite – Collage

109 Contemplation – Collage

106 Blue – Collage

107 Hope 332 – Collage

104 All That Jazz Collage

105 Mundo Collage