John Henderson Artist Statement

I use glass as my medium because of its transparency, translucency, and its reflective qualities when expose to light.  Each object is hand cut, assembled, fired in a kiln, cold-worked and polished resulting in the finished piece. In working with glass, my focus is on shape, form, texture and color.  As an American artist, my aesthetics are an exploration of vibrant colors, imagery and metaphor that represents my cultural identity. I use many different materials mixed with glass, yet glass is the dominated focus.

In creating this visual transparency: abstracting images, symbols and text, my work invokes a spiritual awareness and connection to our ancestors.  Inevitably, we all must reclaim and reconcile our past, with the present, in order to move into the future.


I am an American artist born in New York and currently working and residing in the Greater Washington DC/Baltimore Metropolitan Area. My primary medium is glass using the techniques of glass fusing and kiln casting.  I frequently incorporate found materials and recyclable objects, such as metal, into the glass pieces I create.

I began my artistic journey studying stain glass techniques with Jimmy Powers at the Washington Sculpture Center and the Diablo Glass and Metal School with Justyn Zolli. While a student at the Washington Sculpture Center, I was introduced to kiln glass techniques by the artist Tim Tate, glass casting by the artist Michael Janis, and recycle glass techniques by the artist Erwin Trimmer. I continued studying glass techniques at Washington Glass School, Bullseye, Urban Glass and the Kari Minnick Glass Studio.  I am currently an Artist-In-Residence at the Washington Glass School in Maryland.  I am a member of the National Capitol Art Glass Guild and Glass Arts Society and continue to exhibit extensively.

Selected Exhibitions:

2016 – HUD Art Show, Washington DC
2016 – Maryland Art Place, MD, “Out of Order”
2015 – Center Stage, MD: Benefit Show
2014 – Glenview Mansion Art Gallery, MD: “The Secret Life of Glass”
2013 – Parish Gallery, Washington DC: “Through the Years”
2013-2012-2011 – Center Stage, MD: Benefit Show
2012 – Arts Afire Gallery, VA: “Celebrations In Light”
2011 – Glenview Mansion, MD: “Generations in Glass”
2010 – Center Stage, MD: Benefit Show
2009 – Gallery Spectra, MD: “Art in the Hands of Men”
2009 – Robert Lehman Gallery, NY: Group Show
2009 – Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery, College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ: “Responding to Cuba”
2008 – Robert Lehman Gallery, NY: Group Show
2008 – Parish Gallery, Washington, DC: “New York Black Fine Art Show”
2007 – Parish Gallery, Washington DC: “Reclaiming African Iconography”