Many of us submit for artist’s calls for art exhibitions.  We always have to submit images to the requirements in the artist’s call.  These requirements can vary.  You would be surprised at how many submissions are rejected simply because the artist’s didn’t follow the requirements.    For instance, if the call asks for a bio/artist’s statement of 125 words or less and you submit a statement of 1000 words, your submission will be rejected and even worse they will not tell you why.  Most calls will notify you if you’re accepted, but not if your rejected.    We at BADC or a non profit dedicated to helping artist, so for our call’s we go out of our way to help artists with their submissions and teach them the right way to do things.    As a service to our art community we have created a short tutorial on how to configure images for an art call.  It would be helpful if you review this and give me you’re comments on any errors you might see or how helpful this is.  This tutorial will be on the “Self Help” page of BADC’s WEB Site, however you might want to save it in a file on your computer for quick reference.  Click on the link below to see the tutorial.