Note from our Executive Director
Dear Artomatic Community,
  When I was hired in October 2019 as the organization’s first Executive Director, I was eager to learn more about the organization, meet new artists in the DMV and plan for the 20th Anniversary event. Since then I’ve been getting to know the volunteer Board and neighborhood BIDs, posting on social media, writing these newsletters, resarching grants, and helping to find a location for our next event. Then a pandemic happened. 

As an actor and a consultant who works with theaters and artistic organizations in social media and multicultural marketing, I’ve lost freelance gigs and current work. On the acting front, there have been very few auditions. COVID19 has impacted many parts of my livelihood…except my work with Artomatic. Even though I’m part-time with the organization, I’m working diligently with our Board to keep our artist community first and foremost in whatever we do. We are sharing resources to help artists during this time, but we want to know what else could we do.

That’s why we want your feedback. We are brainstorming about the future and will be sending a survey later this week. If you have any pie-in-the-sky ideas in the interim, please email me. Stay safe and healthy. Peace. 

Natalie Graves Tucker
Executive Director
Winner of 20th Anniversary Logo Contest Luther Wright, LW Arts and Design Congratulations to our 20th Anniversary Logo Winner Luther Wright! Thanks to all the artists who submitted artwork and to all who voted. Shout out to our other finalists Anthony Le and Jorge Guerrero for making the top three!

Here’s a little bit more info about our winner: 

Artist Luther Wright challenges the boundaries of traditional paintings as he merges old formal techniques with new modern techniques creating his own genre of art. Because he is an explorer of the visual Arts, his style is to have no style at all. Luther explores new ways to use color, texture and strives to create interesting compositions within his Art.  He draws inspiration from everyday situations, people, social media, youth, as well as visions from his dream/meditation state. Luther believes while dreaming/meditating, we are able to enter other dimensions/parallel universes and as an artist he has the ability to bring those visions back into this existing plane for others to experience in the form of art.  If you’d like to to learn more, follow him on InstagramFacebook and his personal website and his company website.  Artist Relief Fund To support artists during the COVID-19 crisis, a coalition of national arts grant makers created Artist Relief, a $10 million national emergency relief fund to offer financial and informational resources to aritsts, over 21, across the United States. Artist Relief will distribute $5,000 no-strings-attached grants to practicing artists facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19. Disciplines that are eligible for this grant include: craft, dance, design, film, media, music, theater & performance, traditional arts, visual art and writing. Read more about their application process on their website.