Artists Calls

In this Menu are Calls for Artist’s Participation in Group and solo Exhibitions, Fellowships, Internships, Residencies, and job Listings pertaining to Visual, Performance Art, and more.

These are listed in three menu’s “Local Artist’s Calls” for the Metropolitan DC Area, “National Artist’s Calls” listed for National and International Art Calls, and “Artist’s Call Sites” where you can look up art calls lsited by various organizations.

The first 2 menu items list the calls first by application deadline Date and then by Open Calls (No end Date) Alphabetically by organization.  Each listing has the Title of the Call, a link to the call site through “VIEW MORE INFO”, the organization listing the Call, the location of the call, the Opportunity Type, the Eligibility, the Application Deadline and the Application Fee.  The date the call is posted on the WEB site is at the end of the line, and the NEW! designation will remain for 30 days. the Artist’s Call sites are listed Alphabetically with the dated Posted at the end.

BADC does not make recommendations to our artist for profession services (ie: Business, Tax Services, Gallery representation, Schools, Seminars, Classes, Art Organizations, or any other services that would be paid for by the artists).  Artists must research these services themselves or ask for advise from members of BADC before deciding to pay for services.  BADC only list them on the web site for artists information.  BADC also does not link there site to Art supply stores unless they are affiliate members of BADC.  Artist can get help with any of these by visiting our Self Help page that has helpful articles on everything related to art.

Local Artists Calls
National Artist’s Calls
Artist’s Call Sites