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NEW! (Posted 8/31/2017) Times Square Art presents WORD ON THE STREET, a public arts exhibition in Times Square, New York, NY, August 29th thru February, 2018; VIEW MORE INFO

Bangkok’s Art Biennial

November, 2018 thru February 2019; VIEW MORE INFO;  Keep abreast of the developments as they happen.

  • NEW! (Posted 8/7/2017) Artist Titus Kaphar makes paintings and sculptures that wrestle with the struggles of the past; VIEW MORE INFO
  • NEW! (Posted 8/7/2017) Ebony McKinney, Tireless Advocate for the Arts, Dies Unexpectedly; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 7/7/2017) Galleries to Know In New York; VIEW GALLERIES, MORE GALLERIES
  • (Posted 6/10/2017) Nigeria’s First-Ever Venice Biennale Pavilion Challenges Colonial Narratives; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 6/10/2017) We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965–85; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 6/10/2017) Naomi Beckwith is Chairing New Curatorial Leadership Summit at 2018 Armory Show; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 6/8/2017) Looking for Langston at Victoria Miro; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 6/8/2017) Sotheby’s Posthumous Sale of 3 Paintings by Barkley L. Hendricks Yields Artist Record; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 5/18/2017) Why Mark Bradford Is the Artist of the Moment; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 5/12/2017) Artist and Citizen: Mark Bradford Presents His Democratic Vision at Venice Biennale; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 5/12/2017)  The influence of the British Black Art movement; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 5/12/2017)  The Argument Made By The Absence: On Whiteness, Polychromy, And Diversity In Classics; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 5/6/2017)  Mithu Basu: Artrepreneur & Dolna; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/28/2017) ‘Remix’ or plagiarism? Artists battle over a Chicago mural of Michelle Obama; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/28/2017)  Clementine Hunter, London; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/22/2017) Frieze Talks New York: 2017 Program; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/28/2017)  Kerry James Marshall: Mastry, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; VIEW MORE INFO (Video)
  • (Posted 4/22/2017)  Kentridge opens Johannesburg space for artists to learn by failing; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/22/2017)  A New Grammar for Blackness intricate drawings of Toyin Ojih Odutola; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/22/2017)  Visually Speaking: Lina Viktor and Amy Sall by Schomburg Center; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/22/2017)  The Lenny Interview: Kimberly Drew, aka @MuseumMammy Meet the Instagram Star Elevating Black Contemporary Art; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/22/2017)  Artist Profile: Devin Kenny; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/22/2017) MOCA Los Angeles Names Amanda Hunt Director of Education and Public Programming; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) L.A. assemblage artists featured in Swann African-American Fine Art Auction; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) Who the F*$& Is Jackson Pollock; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) Henry Taylor’s March Cover of Art in America Magazine is Inspired by 1968 Photo of Cicely Tyson and Miles Davis; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) Meleko Mokgosi. 2017 Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) REMIX: Columbia Museum of Art…Wow!; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) The Black Years Series by Artist William Rhodes; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) Curator Rujeko Hockley is Joining the Whitney Museum; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) Arthur Jafa’s show presents a powerful duality that epitomizes race relations in the US; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) Bronx Museum Won’t Get Loan of Art From Cuba; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/13/2017) Illustrator Kadir Nelson Envisions Martin Luther King Jr. for Cover of The New Yorker; VIEW MORE INFO
  • (Posted 4/1/2017) Censorship, Not the Painting, Must Go: On Dana Schutz’s Image of Emmett Till; VIEW MORE INFO